The Bio-History of Lord of the Harvest CFC

Dr. Steven and Dr. Marlene Williams co-pastor the dynamic and exciting Lord of the Harvest Christian Faith Center in Charleston, South Carolina.  An anointed husband and wife team, with an explosive ministry of 30 years, they are preaching and teaching a powerful and relevant word that is changing the lives of the hurt, hungering and lost in the city of Charleston and the tri-county area.   Drs. Steven & Marlene’s Ministry centers around helping people near and far to see their fullest potential in Christ.  Both born in Buffalo, New York, they were married in 1972 and have five beautiful children and 13grandchildren.  Dr. Steven enjoyed a great career in the United States Air Force and over the years he and his family traveled extensively until he retired in 1997.  After 39 years of marriage, God has taught them Godly principles to maintain a healthy and exciting relationship.

Through God’s divine direction, Drs. Steven and Marlene founded Lord of the Harvest Christian Faith Center in 1995 with only 23people.  Through their faithfulness and commitment to God, they currently have a congregation of over 400 members.  God has also blessed the ministry with a 41,000 sq. ft theater, which has now been renovated into a beautiful multipurpose facility.

As their ministry grew, Drs. Steven and Marlene received spiritual mentorship from the late Bishop Mack Timberlake and Pastor Brenda Timberlake, Christian Faith Center, Creedmoor, NC.  Currently Lord of the Harvest Christian Faith Center is an affiliate of Association of Independent Ministries (A.I.M.) under the direction of Bishop I.V. Hilliard, New Light Christian Center, Houston, TX.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit Drs. Steven and Marlene have proclaimed that the true saints and worshipers of God will take this city for Jesus.

Through the vision of both Pastors, Kingdom Treasures Child Development Center was started in March, 2003 with a mission to teach and train Children in the way that they should go that they may not depart from it.  The growth of Kingdom Treasures has been phenomenal since its inception.

Lord of the harvest Christian Faith Center has a number of other ministries including, “The Kingdom,” a state-of-the-art children’s church, “Kingdom Underground”, our Teen ministry, “After School Programs” for the youth, and “Giant Slayers Outreach Team” missions and community outreach just to name a few.  This ministry is truly blessed with gifted and dedicated members excited about pursuing the vision of the Pastors.

Dr. Steven is a graduate with honors of Limestone College with a BA in Psychology and both   received their Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from St Thomas Christian College in July 2011